Volunteer Today

Below are a few of the positions we are looking for volunteers for. If any of these fit your skill set and you would like to help bring acts of random kindness to others then apply today.

  1. Fundraising – Volunteer

    The ARK Alliance can not function without the help of those looking to help raise money. If you believe you have the skills to help us meet our goals for gadgets, gizmos, and gear to spread among the community this position is for you! This is a professional position and we are seeking serious candidates….

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  2. Community Outreach – Volunteer

    We’re currently seeking, positive, kind, and motivated people to help spread our mission among the streaming community! If you believe you have skills to offer the ARK Alliance please share them below. All are encouraged to apply.    

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  3. Designer – Volunteer

    Would you like to put your design skills to work for those in need? Do you have the skills and knowledge to help us continue our services and add some spark to our content. Apply here.

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