Why Are We Here

Mixer is known for their community.  ARKA is a Mixer community built on the ideals of the Mixer platform. Together we value helping others, lifting them up, and supporting new streamers.

We would like to continue these core values by paying it forward and providing assistance for the growth of individual channels and the Mixer platform as a whole.

Application Process

To apply for the program applicants must have been streaming consistently on Mixer for at least 90 days, be active on social media, and be contributing to the betterment of the Mixer platform.   

We are not looking at numbers of followers regarding applicants. Since streams grow at varying rates, we are more focused on consistency, such as a regular schedule, social media presence, and general kindness towards other streamers.

Applicants can fill out the application themselves, or if you would like to nominate a streamer, please use the referral link.

Successful applicants will be given the resources in good faith. They are expected to help pay it forward in kind by helping the program continue to grow.  They will be obligated to pay back through advertising and fundraising mechanisms laid out in the contract, including but not limited to, fielding questions on stream, mentoring other streamers, or fundraiser initiatives via Gawkbox, loots or PayPal.

Successful applicants are not guaranteed any partnerships to the Mixer platform and are no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, Mixer.

Application Review Process

Applications for consideration are reviewed and then brought before a panel of three members of the ARK staff to determine its merit.  

Ark Staff will review all aspects of the Applicants Mixer channel, their social media, and contact the applicant’s references to determine if they are a good fit for the ARK program. 

What Makes A great Applicant?

  • Someone who is an up and coming streamer on Mixer.
  • Someone who is passionate about their community.
  • Someone who makes an effort to keep an up-to-date stream.
  • Someone who is willing to work for what they want.
  • Someone well versed in the Mixer Code of Conduct and Mixer Terms of Service.
  • Someone who is active in the Mixer community and already helps others.
  • Someone who is active and a positive addition to social media.