Welcome to ARK Alliance

Acts of Random Kindness Alliance

Who we Are

The Acts of Random Kindness Alliance is for streamers who have shown hard work and dedication to grow their own brand of streaming content. Times when streamers lack the tools necessary to progress forward, The ARK Alliance opens opportunities for new gadgets, new hardware, design services, hosting services, and a management team to boost the potential for growth.


Created for Streamers by Streamers.

Why choose us

It Starts With You

Providing assistance to obtain new streaming gear, building a setup, assistance with overlays, panel art or emotes.

Brand Design

Let us develop your brand from the smallest icon to the coolest webpage by working with you on a personal level. We have highly skilled artists offering professional quality design services.

Supporting Our Cause

Acting on your behalf any of the contributions you make are exchanged as deliverables to a well deserved recipient. We deliver upgrades, new accessories, services, or help unique causes.

Management Team

We'll be your biggest fan! Working with a team that is focused on helping in various ways. Obtaining new streaming gear, setup, assistance with overlays, ai, and a lot more.

Build with us

We need help to spread awareness, raise funds, spread love, and encourage kindness. Learn how you can help our cause by visiting other pages on our website.

We have a secret (coming soon)

We're not ready to reveal this feature...